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Facade of the Lustig store. Advertisement in local newspaper - 1906

In 1932 an article was published in the "Rhön- und Saalepost“ permitting us a deeper insight into the life of a Jewish merchant’s family. In remembrance of the 70th anniversary of the deportation of the Jews of Bad Neustadt this astonishing historical source should be totally reproduced, because it describes a time when living together worked well. More terrifying is the notion that one year later, the described world no longer existed.
Neustadt a. S., May 2nd. (To the 50th anniversary of the firm of B. Lustig.) In this year the firm B. Lustig can look back to 50 years of existing. For this reason the development of the firm is to be described here, which is surely interesting not only for the acquaintances but above all for the big circle of customers. With legitimate pride the firm may look back to the history of its origins, because four generations play a part in its career. The record in the register of companies took place in 1882, and since then the head office is at Neustadt a. Saale.

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Advertisement in local newspaper - 1884

The foundation of the business however probably dates back to 1846. Even before this time the business seems to have been run, namely by the great-grandfather of the present owner E. Lustig.
He was born in 1814, and at his marriage in 1846, he was registered by the civil registry office as a master in cloth-making. So the founding of the business may be dated back to the thirties of the 19th century, and the firm can look back to 100 years of existing.

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Advertisement in local newspaper - 1890

The mentioned E. Lustig who has to be considered as the founder of the firm, practiced the honorable business of a master of cloth-making, so he had learned cloth-making and worked in this business at Unsleben, the former seat and place of birth of three owners.

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Advertisement in local newspaper - 1891

Also the grandfather of the present owner continued working in the business of cloth-making, until the father and founder of the current business started dealing in textile goods, especially cloths. The last-mentioned moved to Neustadt in 1882, acquired the property in Spörleinstr. 5, which he tore down in 1894 and built the present business building. And who does not like to remember this industrious merchant! How many persons did ask him for advice in business affairs; also in family affairs people liked to listen to him. Because of his vision as a business man, his principles and the fact that he considered his work as a lifelong task, he deserves the honour to have laid the foundations for the present importance.

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Advertisement in local newspaper - 1908

He also concerned himself with banking business in the 80’s of the last century and gradually built up this branch of the firm, too. Led by the present owner, Mr. Seli Lustig, who since the death of his father in 1917, continues the business in a generous way. The business building was transformed into a modern department store and during the important enlargement many new items were added.

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Advertisement in local newspaper - 1913

By his persistent industriousness, strong will and exemplary business principles Mr. S. Lustig succeeded in giving to his shop the character of a department store. In spite of the hard times he succeeded not only to conserve the paternal heritage but to lead it to a blossoming height, so that today it is in the number of the leading firms in Northern Bavaria.

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Advertisement in local newspaper - 1914

May the firm have a lot of success on the occasion of the jubilee sales – and our wish for the owner is not to tire in his creative urge, not only for the good of the Lustig house, but also for the thriving town of Neustadt. Good luck to the 75 years jubilee!
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Advertisement in local newspaper - 1916
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Lustig Osiris Underclothes

Advertisement in local newspaper - 1927
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Advertisement in local newspaper - 1930
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Advertisement in local newspaper - 1931
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Advertisement in local newspaper - 1931
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Advertisement in local newspaper - 1932
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Documents - 1931
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Bernhard Lustig. Born 1921
Photo from 1930s
The girl to his left is possibly his sister.