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Wahler Karlmann (M)

24/06/1867 - 15/3/1931

may his soul be bundled in the bundle of life

Karlmann Wahler taught since 1923 at the Jewish School of Neustadt. He died in 1931. The teaching job was taken over by his brother Israel Wahler.

Promotion of head teacher Karlmann Wahler to post of senior teacher (1926) 

Bad Neustadt adS Bayr GZ 08091926

Article in the "Bavarian Jewish community newspaper" September 8, 1926:
"Neustadt ad Saale by the Government of Lower Franconia and Aschaffenburg was the main teacher Carloman Wahler at the Israelite elementary school in Neustadt a d Saale, promoted to senior teacher for group IX of the pay scale."

On the death and the funeral of senior teacher Karlmann Wahler (1931)

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Article in the magazine "The Israelite" of 10 April 1931. 

"Neustadt (Saale), 21 March (1931) Our dear hubby, on all teacher meetings welcome mate, senior teacher Wahler, Neustadt ad Saale, died within 8 days of insidious disease of pleura and lung inflammation. The news of the unexpectedly rapid demise shook the city and country and all parties who were close to them that slept. On Tuesday, March 17 this year was the untimely snatched carried us to the grave., the almost immense funeral procession, in which all faith communities in the borough Neustadt were represented, presented a picture touching participation and honoring the glorified. Behind the mourners, the students of the Jewish elementary school, the vocational and high school below. now followed preceded passage of the Lord district Rabbi Dr. Bamberger, Bad Kissingen, the representatives of the Jewish administration, the school authorities and teachers, friends from near and far. The funeral opened Mr. District Rabbi Dr. Bamberger, Bad Kissingen, in a heartfelt eulogy, in which he praised the exemplary life image, his deep inner piety and his fruitful work and with the awarding of Chowerwürde the transfigured issued the final ceremony. Intimate words of reverence and gratitude saying Mr. Sanitätsrat Dr. Guggenheimer called the Jewish Community, Mr. Senior Government Stümer on behalf of the School Board, Professor Dr. Guggenmos as rector of the high school, Mr. Head Teacher Blumenthal, Unsleben , for the Israelite Teachers' Association of Bavaria and as a friend, the Board of Directors of the District Teachers Association, Teacher Schmehling, for the general Bavarian Teachers Association and District Teachers' Association Neustadt, Lord Rothschild, Kultusvorstand in Hörstein , bade him in the name of his home town, the last home greetings. A student of the vocational school and a student of the elementary school spoke of the beloved teacher nor words of gratitude and veneration. Touching farewell words called Head Master Wahler, Hörstein, his outgoing brother after. 

may his soul be bundled in the bundle of life "

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Article in the magazine "The Israelite" of 16 April 1931. 

"Neustadt S., 10 April (1931) A handsome funeral procession moved to the cemetery of the Jewish community, to which, after a short illness, the dismissed from his effectiveness in the middle Headteacher Karl Mann to give Wahler the last convoys. At the grave described Mr. District Rabbi Dr. Bamberger from Kissingen the great merits of the departed to the Jewish community. He especially praised his deep piety, his sincere fair character and his humble nature. He had appropriate pedagogical talent and a rich knowledge he advanced in constant study. Mr. Sanitätsrat Dr. Guggenheimer spoke on behalf of the Jewish community and paid tribute to him also for his devoted restless activity heartfelt thanks. Representing the district school board, men Councillor spoke Stümmer. He praised the ersprießliche work Wahlers in the school. too, the government has acknowledged his earned by appointed him head teacher. Colleague Blumenthal of Unsleben honored him as a truly sincere colleague and sent sincere condolences to his colleagues. Mr. Director Dr. Guggenmoos at the local middle school where the deceased worked as a religion teacher, praised his faithful, honest figure, emphasized especially the thorough education of the accreted from his school pupils and the tolerant traffic with other faiths. District Teachers' Association Executive Board, Mr. Schmähling, described him as a zealous member of the association and mentioned that his advice often received attention. Touching were the words of thanks of his former and current students, who honored him as a fatherly friend and adviser, and finally the farewell greetings, sent his brother, Head Master Israel Wahler into the grave.  The clergy of both denominations were present at the funeral and in the community Hörstein a deputation was published. the memory of head teacher Wahlers will continue to affect future generations for a blessing. 

may his soul be bundled in the bundle of life "

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