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Moses, Philipp, Jeanette
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Postcard: View from market place. 1909. Sichel store on the right.

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Advertisement in local newspaper - 1926
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Advertisement in local newspaper - 1929
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Advertisement in local newspaper - 1931
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Advertisement in local newspaper - 1931
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Advertisement in local newspaper - 1931
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Article in the "Bavarian Jewish community newspaper" from 1 June 1935.

"Bad Neustadt aS On May 20, 1935 our Kultusvorstand Mr. Sigmund sickle celebrated his 80th birthday several decades as a member of the religious administration, for 15 years he has worked as Kultusvorstand in. faithful, selfless devotion promoted the interests of our community in an outstanding degree. spite of his age and suffering condition, he takes today most active share in the tasks and the development of the community. May he long serve with advice and the benefit of the community. "
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"Bad Neustadt (Saale), 2 December (1936)

On November 30, wide after a long serious illness in 82 years of life Sigmund sickle, first Kultusvorstand the local community. 15 years he was at the head of the Jewish community, which he led with particular vigor, rare foresight and devoted loyalty. Him it is thanks to that all the facilities that make up the essence of a Jewish
Kehillo (municipality), stand in an exemplary manner. He was the founder of our Jewish elementary school, for which the deceased parents and students are very grateful today. Distinguished by a rich secular and Jewish knowledge, loveable character, uprightness and righteousness in his commercial occupations are acquired by the deceased many friends, high esteem and general appreciation. This was quite a large turnout at the funeral. Mr. Headteacher J. Wahler lined with deep emotion in his large-scale speech a life true picture of the departed as a father, Jew and man, raising his great service to community, charities, schools and the Jewish generality forth. On behalf of the Honourable District Rabbi Dr. Ephraim, Bad Kissingen, he also thanked for the District Committee of the Rabbinatsbezirkes Bad Kissingen. Name of the Jewish administration thanked Mr. Max Friedmann-earned BOARDS.

His soul was involved in the covenant of life. "
Articles in the magazine "The Israelite" of 10 December 1936.
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Obituary in the "Bavarian Jewish community newspaper" of 15 December 1936:

"With painful emotion we meet the sad duty to give note of the passing of our meritorious first Kultusvorstand

Mr. Sigmund sichel.

In 82 years of life Mr. sickle blessed memory was recalled after prolonged, severe suffering on November 30, 1936 by us. He devoted fifteen years, first as Kultusvorstand until the last breath in tireless loyalty, loving devotion and extraordinary will power the tasks of our community. His memory will always be held in grateful honor in the history of our community.

Administration of the Jewish community of Bad Neustadt / Saale.