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This is a place where ideology and technology meet

It tells about the coming together of people with the desire to better understand each other and about the role of digital imaging and interactive media technologies in enabling this dream. This is an example of the potential of growth, the growth of a simple idea into a powerful action.
Above all, this is a demonstration of the power of joint social values, belief in human goodness and the positive potential of communication technologies to bring about better understanding amongst people and above conflict.
When a once vibrant community no longer exits, it leaves behind physical evidence of all aspects of communal life. The evidence is usually concrete: Public buildings, private homes, cemeteries or artefacts. The rational of unfolding communities is that it enables the participants to experience "hands on" historical research of this evidence.
This site outlines an ongoing documentary project, combining historical research, cross cultural educational work, applied imaging technologies and a re-thinking of circles of identity. The specific documentation project discussed here focuses on a Jewish cemetery in Bad Neustadt an der Saale, a small town in Northern Bavaria, Germany.

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