The Jewish School
A Timeline of Events

  • 1848 - 1855

    1st School. Isaac Vandewart

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    According to the city chronicles, the first Jewish school is founded in 1848. ( Benkert s.Lit.) From 1860 Isaac Vandewart acts as teacher.

    Picture: Bad Neustadt. Ludwig Richter 1850
  • 1860

    Building Purchased

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    Local Jews purchase a building as the venue for a community center, school and prayer hall in Storchengasse 17.

    Picture: Article from Allgemeine Zeitung of Judaism from September 25, 1860 Opening of trade school. Vandewart 1860.
  • 1878

    Herman Dorfzaun

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    Herman Dorfzaun is appointed as a religious teacher. He acts in this position for some years and dies in 1921 (Frankfurt)
  • 1879-1904

    Gerson Bergthal

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    A tender is published for the post of a Cantor and religion teacher. Gerson Bergthal applies for the job and gets it.
    Gerson Bergthal teaches at school until 1904.
    Note: Since 1897, Gerson Bergthal taught Jewish Religion in the Gymnasium of Muennerstadt

    Picture: Announcement in the magazine "The Israelite" from July 2, 1879
  • 1904

    Gerson Bergthal

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    Gerson Bergthal gets a special award for 25 years of teaching.

    Picture: Article in Frankfurt Jewish Family Group Sheet from December 23, 1904 Bergenthal, 25 years teacher.
  • 1918

    Isaac Wahler

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    Born: Isaac Wahler, son to Israel and Bella Wahler.

    Picture: Isaac Wahler as soldier in US Army. 1940s.
  • 1894-1931

    Carl (Karlman) Wahler

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    Israel Wahler (author of "School History records from 1913 to 1931") acts as a teacher in Hörstein, approximately 110 km from Bad Neustadt.

    Picture: Hörstein Synagogue

  • 1923

    Carl (Karlman) Wahler

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    Carl (Karlman) Wahler - son of Isaac Wahler, starts teaching at Bad Neustadt.

    Picture: Notice in local newspaper:
    The police will give a bonus for tips about the people who drew Nazi crosses on Jewish homes.

  • 1926

    Carl Wahler Head Teacher

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    Carl Wahler is appointed to post of head teacher

    Picture: Announcement in the Bavarian Jewish community newspaper from September 8, 1926. Karlmann Wahler appointed as head teacher.
  • 1931

    Death of Carl (Karlman) Wahler

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    Carl Wahler dies.

    Picture: Article from "The Israelite" from April 10, 1931. Announcement of the Death of Karlmann Wahler (1931)
  • 1931

    Israel Wahler

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    Israel Wahler (born 1875) moves to Bad Neustadt and takes his brother's post as teacher in the school.
    His son, Isaac attends the high school which is today the Rhoen-Gymnasium.

    Picture: Announcement in the Bavarian Jewish community newspaper of 15 April 1931.
  • 1934

    Isaac Wahler

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    934 Isaac Wahler is sent by his parents to the USA.

    Picture: Isaac Wahler in the memorial House of the Wannsee Conference, 16.01.2008
  • 1937-38

    Israel Wahler and Children

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    Israel Wahler with school children, 1937-38.

    For identification of the children click here.
  • 1942

    End of the School

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    Israel Wahler is deported together with his wife Bella in 1942 to Izbica, Poland where he perishes along with many of his pupils. The school closes along with the rest of the community

    Picture: ID card. Israel Wahler.
  • 1945

    Return to Germany

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    Isaac Wahler returns to Germany as a US soldier and starts researching about his parents. He finds Gestapo acts dealing with the deportation of the Jews from Unterfranken (Lower Franconia), including the names of his parents.

    Picture: Deportation list. Israel & Bella Wahler at bottom of page.