This project has been carried out within the framework of the Department of Photographic Communications at the Hadassah Academic College Jerusalem

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Project Leaders
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Moshe Caine

Associate Professor at the Hadassah Academic College Jerusalem and chair of the Department of Photographic Communications. Specializes in interactive communications and advanced imaging technologies. Senior Lecturer of Interactive Design at the Emunah Academic College Jerusalem. Previous posts include: Director at Icons Ltd. Multimedia Productions. Head of Interactive Communications at Hadassah College Jerusalem. Lecturer Photography and Interactive Media at the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design. Lecturer on Conservation Imaging at the Haifa University department of archaeology. Moshe has over three decades experience teaching in academic institutions, specialising in Interactive Multimedia and digital solutions for cultural heritage institutions, museums and education.

Günter Henneberger

Born 1954 in Bad Neustadt an der Saale (Bavaria/Germany). 1975 – 1981 Completed Studies of Catholic theology, Latin and history at Würzburg university. 1982 - 1987 Taught at different Bavarian high schools (gymnasium). Since 1987 Teaching at Rhön-Gymnasium Bad Neustadt. 1999-2001 Training as a school counsellor. Since 1994 responsible for student exchange with the Mikve Israel School

Stefan Simon

Professor Stefan Simon is the
Director of the newly established Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage (IPCH) at Yale's West Campus.
The IPCH serves as the overarching international hub directing the various shared facilities at West Campus dedicated to the study and conservation of cultural heritage.
Simon has broad experience in scientific research, specializing in material deterioration diagnostics, microanalytics, climatology, and non-destructive mechanical testing.
Since 2005, he has served as director of the Rathgen Research Laboratory at the National Museums in Berlin — the oldest museum laboratory in the world. 

Eyal Tagar

Eyal Tagar is a documentary and architectural photographer, based in Jerusalem.
He graduated from the Hadassah Academic college in Jerusalem in 2013.
Has participated  in and organized various documentary missions around the world, including Argentina, Ukraine, South Africa and Germany.
Eyal specialises in logistic services for extreme trips, taking place all over Israel, including the desert.

Thomas Künzl

Born in 1969 in Bad Kissingen.
Künzl studied at the University of Bayreuth, Sociology, History and Philosophy.
After graduating, he worked several years for a software company specialising in solutions for print, publishing and marketing.
Since 2002, freelance journalist for the Main Post (Würzburg) and the Jüdische Allgemeine (Berlin).
Historical issues were a focus among others. In addition, he oversaw the publication of book projects and published two books himself.
Since 2010 he supervises the city archives in Bad Neustadt.

Sigrid Bruner

Sigrid Brunner is a journalist at the Bad Neustadt local newspaper.
She has a strong interest in the heritage of the area in general and in Bad Neustadt in particular.

Raanan Kislev

Raanan Kislev is head of the antiquities authority's conservation administration.
The aim of the department is to preserve the built cultural heritage of Israel from the state’s point of view of the entirety of the country’s cultural values.
The department is charged with preserving the archaeological and cultural heritage values of the country through recognition of the importance and contribution of every culture created here to our lives now and for the education of future generations.

Idit Ben Or

Idit Be Or is a PhD candidate in History at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where she is a research and teaching assistant. 
Currently she is the production coordinator of the Jerusalem International Book Fair.
Previously she worked for a variety of educational organisations, mainly with teenagers.
Idit Has participated in a documentation trip to Argentina and has facilitated a trip to Germany. 

Tomer Appelbaum-Vaknin

Tomer is an award winning photojournalist who specializes in news, documentary, portraiture, sports and travel photography . Currently  based in Tel Aviv. 
Graduated from the "Hadassah Academic college" in Jerusalem in 2004, and since has been working as a staff photographer for "Haaretz" .
His works were published in various Newspapers and Magazines worldwide. 
Tomer has participated in documentary missions around the world, including Greece and Germany.

Additional Assistance

Rabbi Jana De Benedetti - B'nai Zion Congregation. Shreveport, LA
Helen Lefkowitz Horowitz - Parsons Professor of history emerita, Smith College
Dr. Rotraud Ries - Johanna-Stahl-Zentrum
Prof. Ernst Benz - Smith College
Hodaya Toledano - Hadassah Academic College Jerusalem


Support for the project has been generously provided by the Bad Neustadt General Town Council

Mayor: Bruno Altrichter
Chief Administrator: Mr. Michael Weiß

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