The Deportees

In the late 1930’s, new i.d. cards were issued to the Jews by the Nazi authorities.
To aid in their identification as Jews all males were given the additional name of Israel and all females the same of Sarah.
A small number of Jews escaped Germany at the outbreak of war, finally making their way to the U.S.A., Britain, South America and other countries.
By February 1942, there were only 56 Jews left in Bad Neustadt. The final transfer of the remaining Jews took place Between February and August, 1942. They were transferred to Wurzburg and from there to Izbica (adjacent to Lublin) or to Ghetto Theresienstadt.
37 of these identification cards were discovered in the local archive of Bad Neustadt. They are presented here together with whatever information is known of the fate of their owners.

Note: This is by no means a complete list of all the deportees, rather just those for whom id cards were found.
For a more comprehensive list, see:
The Bundesarchiv